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Lecture Time

So yesterday I had my first lecture of the year, this one was for my Tudors module. The lecturer who covers that period seems like a lovely woman but this is the second time I’ve had her for a lecture and she’s made a mistake. They’re getting worse. 

1. The first lecture I had her for was also Tudors related. She was simplifying it for the module wasn’t focused solely on the Tudors but still, she made a pretty bad attempt at simplifying. On the Tudor family tree she just left Mary Tudor, sister of Henry VIII, off. So when she later talked about Lady Jane Grey, I wondered where Jane had sprung from, not being connected to the tree in any way seemingly. She also pronounced Boleyn strangely, which also baffled me. 

2. Yesterday I was willing to accept that she was previously simplifying and she clearly knew lots about the period. And I was right, she showed her knowledge and it was all good. Except the first lecture was a simplified version of the War of the Roses, as a background for Tudor rule. She explained it reasonably well, given many people had never studied that area before. Apart from one part. She was discussing how Richard II came to the throne because he was the grandson of Edward III and Richard’s father and elder brother had died before Edward. This is correct of course. Then she started talking about Henry IV, and how he came to have a claim to the throne. It was at this point that she claimed that John of Gaunt, Henry IV’s father, was Richard II’s younger brother. Not his uncle, which he was, as John of Gaunt was another of Edward III’s sons. But Richard’s brother. This could have been a slip up, but she then went on to refer to Henry IV as Richard II’s nephew and not his cousin. I looked around to see if other people looked confused and they did not. This for me is a bad one, because a bunch of baffled students now probably believe this. Not that they seemed to be following much of her rush through the period anyway, but this could still stick in their minds and cause a great deal of confusion. 

So yeah, while she is probably a good lecturer and knows a great deal in her field, I worry that these little slips will a) cause me go mad by the end of the year and b) genuinely confuse or mislead people who don’t know the area very well at all, as no prior knowledge of the subject is needed to take the module. 

And I’m too polite to put my hand up in the lecture to correct/question her. Dammit. 


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